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  • Lucy Darby

Screen time - myth busting & recommendations

It's SLT DIY Wednesday **When? Huh? What day?** and we're talking about screen time! Another long video! (We're really missing our day job here at Talking Lab!) A BIG thank you to our special guest stars in this week's video!


>Research around the impact of screens on communication development is very limited

>It is not possible for children to learn FUNCTIONAL communication skills from screens

>Screen time especially for young children should be treated with caution and restricted in a similar way to chocolate in a diet

>Cutting down or eliminating screen time is recommended for ALL children with communication difficulties

>Having screens on in the background, allowing unrestricted screen access and screens during mealtimes are all best avoided

>Video calls are OK!

If you have any queries on screen time or want to chat, call us on 07534243834 or email

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